About Us

Moira celebrated our 40th anniversary during 2010. We are one of the few family jewellers remaining on Bond Street. We offer a warm and friendly welcome and a level of personal service rarely encountered today. Our reputation is built on word of mouth recommendations.

Many years of experience have led Moira to build an exquisite collection of rare jewellery, renowned worldwide for its elegance and exclusivity of design.

Our elegant range of fine antique jewellery is exceptional. We have fabulous collections of twentieth century signed originals from the finest design houses, covering the art deco period, 1940s gold work to the modernist creations of the 1950s to the 1980s.

Our modern jewellery complements our vintage range to satisfy the desire for unique and truly individual pieces.

Moira’s eponymous collection was inspired by clients searching for unusual jewellery that just couldn’t be sourced anywhere. Influenced by nature itself, Moira put together a collection representing the forms of flora and fauna, employing what are now rare traditional setting techniques, old-cut stones and enamel in its various styles. The plique à jour method resembles rich stained glass. These romantic pieces are set to become the heirlooms of the future.

For those looking to tie the knot we have a range of contemporary, classic and vintage engagement rings, complemented by our collection of wedding rings that are available to order.

Our carefully selected pieces make Moira’s shop at 11 New Bond Street a source of rare and rich pickings.